Competence - Residents deserve a leader who is fiscally competent and accountable to the taxpayers

Throughout my decades of experience in social-profit and non-profit organizations across Canada, I have gained invaluable insight as a trusted leader that demonstrates efficacy while being fiscally responsible.

I want taxpayers to be confident that their elected leaders are being held accountable for cultivating change to advance the social good of their people, their communities, and their city. My life’s work has been a commitment to giving those without a strong voice a pedestal to stand on, and to represent and follow through on the outcomes that Calgarians want to see.

Many leaders are promising impactful change, but I am steadfast in opening the conversation equally to all, operationalizing what I say I am going to do, measuring it against expectations, and not tiring until I achieve what we’ve set out to achieve.

I have, in recent years, coveted the title, ‘positive disruptor.’ Although some may shy away from the moniker, I wear mine proudly. To create positive change in a community takes a strong and willful leader, someone to take on a challenge head-on and an individual who isn’t afraid to think outside the box on how to achieve success on limited resources. I refuse to be numb to what is going on around us; I will dial in and embrace innovation as a force that drives us to sustainable change.

Yes, I am a social worker by profession, but I see strong synergies in my work and council. I will apply my social change lens to do good and will do the best I can to drive as much positive change and profitability for this city and its people.



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  • Erin Fahey
    published this page in News 2021-10-05 10:36:23 -0600