Courage - Building a city we are all proud of to call home and feel safe in

I, like many Calgarians, am a survivor of domestic violence. On my darkest day, I had to rely on my ability and my courage to call for help. That fateful call was the difference between life and death for me. That is why I am impassioned to eradicating violent crime in our city.

This may come as a surprise to many, but Calgary has one of the highest rates of domestic violence in Canada and a staggering 30 percent of children in our community are victims of sexual and physical abuse. 

Violent crime in our city is on the rise, giving way to horrendous violence like human trafficking, gang activity, and systemic racism. I want all Calgarians to recognize and pay attention to what is going on in our communities and understand that is all of our duty to change.

I want to shift this narrative and build a city we are all proud of to call home and feel safe in. This is why it is crucial to continue to give resources to our valued police services, to ensure that they have the education, training, and resources in areas such as anti-racism, mental health, and crisis intervention to ensure that when they are deployed, they don’t only prevent crime in our city, they have the skills to handle and mitigate a variety of potentially dangerous situations.

Make no mistake, I understand deeply that community problems are not solved by policing, to do that we must fund our community organizations sufficiently. We must take a 'both/and' approach, not an 'either/or' approach. We must look at the issues we are trying to solve and understand holistically the funding and resources going to that specific issue—these issues do not exist in silos and we must not treat them as such.

If voted as Ward 8 Councillor, I will step into my courage and fight for a safe Calgary for all.

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  • Erin Fahey
    published this page in News 2021-10-05 10:46:48 -0600