It’s important to look broadly and holistically at the problem of racism because it continues to exist in all the structures colonialism has created.

On the issue of Indigenous racism, I’ll borrow the recommendation of Chief Cadmus Delorme of the Cowessess First Nation who said that if we simply take one or a few Calls to Action from the Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action or the Missing and Murdered Women and Girls Calls to Action into our personal and professional lives, we can end Indigenous racism in one generation. That is a generous offering from Chief Delorme and a very hopeful message for all of us indeed.

We must do both—sufficiently fund social organizations and empower our public systems to eliminate systemic racism.


If elected, I will work with the next council to:


Require all municipal entities formally demonstrate actions to combat systemic racism

There is dysfunction and systemic racism in all our systems—administration, police, fire, social organizations, health, schools, community associations—everywhere. We must examine our reality and follow through with action. I will be a champion of change and will not accept the status quo.

The time for talk is over, it’s time for action.

The city of Calgary must accept systemic racism exists, adapt, and actively pursue efforts to surface inequities and change them. I believe we must apply the guideposts equitably and across all systems in order to move in the direction of reconciliation.



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